Bring your manual to life!

Festival of Features

The features of MagicManuals® 
will make you and your customers happy

State-of- the-art-UI

Our award-winning design combines elegance and high utility in a unique way

Efficient Workflows

In just 15 minutes you can create your first MagicManual® with a few clicks

Customer Engagement

Get valuable feedback from your customers and use these insights to continuously improve the customer experience

Reporting & Analysis

With our powerful reporting engine you get valuable insights into the behavior of your customers

Unbelievable: The features make sense!

What do you get from MagicManuals®

and what your customers?​

Your customers will say

Finally manuals can be fun!

That is how modern customer service works!
Finally no stress when assembling and mounting!

Even spare parts can be ordered with a click!

You will say​

That is how service for my customers is fun!

We have much les effort with questions of customers!

We could increase our customer satisfaction considerably!

Through customer feedback we receive valuable insights!


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